This week at the deli we are getting super excited about two things first is our up & coming 2nd birthday......wow two years since we opened our doors ......it's flown by & second is the wine tasting we are holding to celebrate!!
It promises to be a very special evening.....our friends at Averys Wine Merchants will be joining us to run the tasting. There are only 16 places so it will be super small but should be super fun! We're pairing wines against each other in an Old World v New World challenge ...but there's a twist as it's a blind tasting!  I usually love wines from the Old World so it'll be fun to see what I think when I don't know where the wine is from! I'm busy at the moment matching the grape varieties with the perfect food choices to bring out the very best in the wines! There are a couple of tickets left so if you'd like to come along see our Events page for more information!

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